Freedom APK 2.0.9: Freedom App is an Android app which will help you to get premium features of costly games and apps free of cost. In this tutorial, we are here with the latest version of Freedom App. As you know, .apk is the Android app format and many people are looking for Freedom Apk for downloading, and we are going to provide the Freedom Apk for free.

Majority of apps in the play store comes with in-app purchases which will require play store credit, or we need to pay for buying certain services. If you played some of the popular games available on the play store, you may saw options to purchase credits.

What is Freedom App?

Freedom Apk aka Freedom App is the most useful app helpful to bypass the credit system in Android App. While playing popular games such as Temple Run, Candy Crush, etc. some of you noticed the option to purchase points. Freedom App is the solution to buy the credits without costing any penny.

Freedom APK Download for Android

What does Freedom App do ?

Freedom Apk is used to bypass the in-app purchase system in Android apps. It is frustrating to buy while playing a game or using any app. Freedom App bypasses the credit buying system in apps, and the happiest thing is that you can buy unlimited points in any game.


Obviously, there are some limitations to using Freedom Apk on your Android phone. we will tell you the things in detail in the coming section. If you don’t know about Freedom App, we will give you a short introduction to its use and features.

Benefits of Freedom apk

 Below are the features of freedom apk that can be useful. With the latest version of Freedom Apk, there are lot of bugs fixed this time.

  • Download Paid Apps for free.
  • Get app in purchases for free.
  • Freedom Apk is free of cost.
  • Purchase Coins, Level for free.
  • Unlock Game Levels for Free.
  • Remove ads from few games and applications.

Where to Download Freedom Apk 2.0.9?

Freedom Apk 1.6.6 can be downloaded from our site for free. It’s obvious that the app is not listed in play store. You need to download the Apk from our site for free and install on your Android phone. But your mobile needs to be rooted to install the Freedom apk. If you not yet rooted the phone, then this app may not be useful for you. We will post a detailed guide on how to root an Andriod phone later. You can find the download button at the end of the post.

Features of Freedom Apk

We are going to mention some of the features of Freedom Apk. Just go through the below section and understand how it works.

  • Easy to buy premium features of Android apps quickly
  • Get coins, points, and upgrades for free.
  • Make In-App purchases quickly without costing money
  • You can be a winner in online games
  • It is compatible with almost all versions of Android
  • It’s completely free of cost.

Download Freedom Apk For Free

Freedom Apk is simple to use, and you can download the app for free from our site. Just tap the download button below and save the Freedom apk to your device. You can also download the Freedom Apk in your computer too. Remember to share the awesome method with your friends and buddies. Freedom App is updating on a regular basis, and we are here with the latest collection fo the App.

How to Install Freedom Apk For Free?

It is very easy to install Freedom App in your Android Device. Remember you need Rooted Android device to install Freedom App else the app don’t work. Let’s follow the below step carefully.

  • STEP 1: First download Freedom Apk from our site for free. You can also download the Freedom Apk on your computer. After downloading, you just need to copy the app to your phone memory or external storage in your mobile.
  • STEP 2: Now got to Settings and marked Allow Installation of unknown devices. Now you are ready to install the Freedom app in your rooted mobile.
  • STEP 3: Just locate the Freedom Apk, you downloaded from our site and opened the file. The app asks for root access and other simple things, which you can do it yourself. Allow any Superuser permission request. Just tap Ok for all those things as it may not cause any problems to you. Now the Freedom App is successfully installed on your Android device.

 So it’s simple to install the app on your device. Just like other apps you can use it on your device without any problem. Now you can be able to play games without spending any bucks.

How to use Freedom App?

Now we are going to show you the exact method to use Freedom App for free. Hope you already installed the Freedom App on your rooted device. Follow the steps carefully and buy coins and points for free.

    • STEP 1: Open the Freedom App, which you installed in your device. It will ask for root/superuser permission. Just tap on Allow/Grant on your device.
Freedom Apk Download for Android

Freedom Apk Download for Android

    • STEP 2: Now it shows all apps installed on your device. It contains the app you need to buy credits. Select the app which you need to purchase In-App purchases. Wait calmly for some time, and probably it will display some messages.
Freedom App Download

Freedom App Download

    • STEP 3: After some time the app opens itself, and you can go to the option to buy coins or points. You can see the fake credit card details in the section. Just tap on Buy option.
Freedom Apk Download

Freedom Apk Download

    • STEP 4: Now while installing if you face any problems such as “Freedom is not available in your country” then change your timezone to GMT+4:00 (Moscow) or GMT +5:45 (Kathmandu) from your device’s settings.
Freedom Apk Latest Download

Freedom Apk Latest Download

Hurray, you get the points or coins as much as you need. Remember we are doing the illegal way and many people are using this method. If you already added your credit card to the play store, you must remove it before using the Freedom App. Another interesting feature is that you can also use the Freedom app in your PC for playing popular games such as Clash of Cans, Temple Run, etc.

Hack any APP with FREEDOM APK

Many people are asking about the developers and authenticity of the app. As far as concerned some believe that some Russians developers are behind the mastermind of the Freedom App. Interestingly the latest version of Freedom App works for Marshmallow and Nougat. Just try the Freedom App on your mobile phone and comment your experience with us.

Best alternatives Freedom Apk Latest

Here are some of the best alternatives for freedom apk you want to know for sure.


Download Creehack as one of the best alternative if you don’t want to install the freedom app, and enjoy hacking your favorite offline games with ease. As a gamer, you would like to customize a game as you want and It will help in clearing game levels without wasting valuable time.You can hack all resources like coins, gems, level, weapons, and much more without paying your time and money easily.

Lucky Patcher

Lucky patcher apk is an fantastic android tool to get free in app purchases, Install modded play store, remove ads and License verification from android apps and games, therefore lucky patcher is one of the best alternative of freedom apk app which you can download.


Now, you can download Appsara latest APK file for Android phones and tablets as one of the latest alternative of all these apps specially the freedom apk.

Xmodgames: Xmodgames is a little different than the rest of the Freedom Alternatives. It also works in a different way than the other ones. It installs the Mod on the original game and then you have to install the Mod that you want from inside the game

Freedom Apk for Naugat OS

Freedom Apk is one of the most popular applications to get paid google playstore apps, games and app-in purchases for free. But there’s been an issue with Freedom app that this application is not working with the Naugat OS. To install the Freedom Apk for Naugat, You’ll need to uninstall the previous freedom application and download our latest applicatiom. After downloading the application, install it on your android device and allow superuser permissions.

Once you’re done with the setup, you can easily make your in-app purchases, apps and games purchases.

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